The Story of Hellas Farms and Our Pistachios:

The idea of Hellas Farms LLC was conceived in the beginning of 2014 during a discussion among longtime friends Nikos and brothers Michael and Dimitri. The discussion was about the current situation in Greece.

The premise of the discussion was that: a.) Based to the current economic and political situation, people in Greece need to turn their attention back to the basics, i.e. their land; b) Greece’s treasures are not underground, but above ground and they include the country’s agricultural and dairy products; c.) Unfortunately, with very few exceptions, these products have not been properly packaged, nor have they been properly marketed over the years as the premium products that they really are; d.) Greece’s products are many more than just Greek Yogurt. There is a plethora of other exquisite products that Greece has to offer to the U.S. market; e.) There must be a better way to connect Greek products with U.S. consumers; f.) Someone has to do it!

What was eventually decided is so vividly captured by the old saying: “IF NOT US THEN WHO, IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN? “ And just like that, Hellas Farms was born.

Hellas Farms’ goal is to connect “The Flavors of Greece” with American consumers who are in search of healthy, pure, tasty products, grown and processed in the good, old traditional ways. We strongly believe that the American consumers will embrace these products, the same way they have embraced Greek Yogurt.

Greek Yogurt is a product that Michael, Dimitri and I grew up with. Greek Yogurt had been in the Greek markets in the United States for many years before it went “mainstream” and became the phenomenon that it is today. Greece has a number of unique products like yogurt, as well as other products that are very similar to products we already know, love and enjoy. Due to Greece’s microclimate and/or traditional practices followed during planting, cultivation, collection, storage, and processing, these products have enhanced flavors and/or enhanced nutritional values.

Hellas Farms’ first product is Greek Pistachios. “So, what’s so special about Greek Pistachios?” someone may wonder. All I have to say is: “Tasting is believing.” Give them a try and you will see what we are talking about.

Currently, our Hellas Farms Greek Pistachios are available in fine stores in the New York City Metro area. We expect to expand our retail footprint in the North East within 2016, with further footprint expansion going forward. All of our products are currently available on

We are looking forward to serve you going forward.


Nikos Papageorgiou
Managing Partner
Hellas Farms LLC
“The Flavors of Greece”