Neurotic Baker makes mini doughnuts with Hellas Farms Pistachios

Neurotic Baker recently made mini doughnuts using Hellas Farms Greek Pistachios. She discusses how good they were right out of the bag, writing that when the pistachios arrive, “I will fully admit to immediately opening a bag and eating a handful right away. I just happen to love pistachios and looked forward to trying them. They were delicious. Lightly salted and naturally pistachio sweet.”

She loved the way the doughnuts came out, “I’ve never had a pistachio doughnut before, but now that I’ve made them, I don’t know how I’ve lived so long without them! The doughnuts had the perfect light crunch on the outside with a nice cake texture and the delicate flavor of pistachio. I consciously made a light glaze for the doughnuts allowing pistachios to shine. I had so much fun creating this recipe. Thanks Hellas Farms!”

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